Logging on to Voicethread:
Go to www.voicethread.com and click the link that says "Register" in the top right corner.
Choose an email address and password that you will remember!
Click the appropriate link below to view the images needed for your assignment.
You will be able to either type or record a comment for each image.

Neville 1st Bell - Author Purpose
Neville 3rd bell - Author Purpose
Neville 5th bell - Author Purpose

Directions for the assignment:
Be sure to number your questions and use the CURBS method. You will answer these in the text box (You do NOT need to retype the questions)
a. Question #1: Identify the tone of the image and provide one detail to support your answer.
b. Question #2: Explain what the artist’s purpose is and provide an explanation to support your answer.
c. Question #3: Identify the artist’s perspective based on what you notice in the image. Be sure to explain your answer.