Copyright and Fair Use If you are creating a project that makes use of content created by someone else, it is essential that you understand the rules of copyright and fair use guidelines.
Copyright and Fair Use Basics
Welcome To The FACE Kids Site Copyright basics for students and teachers
YouTube Copyright School Learn the basics of copyright law and how it is applied with online material
Copyright and Fair Use Animation Video | Common Sense Media Animated video encourages students to think about copyright law and the appropriate ways to use original work responsibly includes discussion guide.

Welcome To The FACE Kids Site Take the copyright challenge quiz to see how much you know.

Checklists and Flowcharts for Students
Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for School Projects
Copyright Flowchart Guides you through the process of determining whether or not you can use the material you found online your project.
A Copyright-Friendly Toolkit A plethora of resources for finding copyright friendly images, music, sounds and videos on the internet.

Resources for finding (and properly citing) Creative Commons and Copyright Friendly Images, Sounds, Music, and Video
Flickr allows you to set a filter so that you only search creative commons licenses. Make sure you select this option on the home page.
Google Advanced Image Search
Select "Free to Use or Share" next to usage rights. On the search results page it will say "Labeled for Noncommercial Reuse."
A Copyright Friendly Toolkit
Guidelines, categories, and tools to consider that will help you as you create, contribute to, and enrich our shared culture
YouTube Audio Library
Best Practices for Attribution You can use CC-licensed materials as long as you follow the license conditions. One condition of all CC licenses is attribution. Here are some good (and not so good) examples of attribution.

Videos - Still have questions? Here are more videos on copyright and fair use.
Fair Use - YouTube An explanation of fair use with video examples
YouTube Copyright Center - YouTube Copyright on YouTube
A Fair(y) Use Tale | Center for Internet and Society Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University created this humorous, yet informative, review of copyright principles delivered through the words of the very folks we can thank for nearly endless copyright terms (Disney).Should "Happy Birthday" be Protected by Copyright? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios - YouTube From PBS Idea Channel - You know how chain restaurants always sing some weird unknown birthday tune, instead of the actual Happy Birthday song we know and love? It's because "Happy Birthday To You" is protected by COPYRIGHT!!!! They are legally not allowed to sing it in public, and neither are you.

Teacher Resources
Kathy Schrock's Guide to Intellectual Property This page includes links to teach about fair use, Creative Commons, and supplies some ideas to help students internalize this important aspect of becoming a good digital citizen.
Internet Schools Copyright 2013 Professional Development on Copyright, Creative Commons, and Fair Use best practices
Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers This Copyright Chart was designed to inform teachers of what they may do under the law.
Applying Fair Use to New Technologies Fair use guidelines in the digital world